Jocylynn Hardin

Jocylynn Hardin

Assistant Director

I am the Assistant Director here at The NET Preschool. I have been a member of Cornerstone Church since I was 3 years old. I was actually one of the first students enrolled in the school in South Florida. As my mom worked her way up from Janitor to Director, I was at the school from 6am to 6 pm, every day! Quickly, that school became my home. I grew a family-like bond with all my friends and teachers. To this day, I keep in contact and still call them my very best friends.

When we moved to Tennessee in 2007, I attended Hillsboro Middle School and later went to Independence High School. I started working at The NET Preschool fresh out of high school. When I first arrived, my initial goals were to work at the preschool to provide my way through nursing school and eventually start my career in the medical field. Little did I know, God had different plans.

My first classroom experience was nurturing the 1-2 year old’s. Their spunky personalities captured my heart! Before I knew it, I was floating around to every class age for more experience and to further develop my skills as a teacher. By the time 2 years had flown by, I had stopped going to school and fully embraced becoming an infant teacher. I loved the challenges and problem-solving that was required. Every day was different and I loved exploring what each and every child was capable of doing!

At the beginning of 2016, my husband and I were awaiting the arrival of our first child, Boston Emerson. It was on my maternity leave that I was given the opportunity to accept the position of Assistant Director at The NET Preschool. I was very excited what this could bring for me and my family, so I accepted.

I am very passionate about making The NET Preschool in Spring Hill a safe, nurturing and God-loving environment. My biggest wishes are for our school in Spring Hill to grow and develop, and for my sons and other children to have the best learning experience similar to that which I received growing up. I am ecstatic and honored to be a part of this growth!