Georgia Hernandez

Georgia Hernandez


I am the Director of the wonderful NET Preschool in Spring Hill. Jesus, who has been my husband since 1995, has always supported and encouraged me as we’ve raised our three children. Jocylynn, our oldest, is married and just gave birth to our first beautiful grandchild, Boston! Entering into this world, our son Honour has been making us laugh ever since. Honour works with Jesus in his business and plans to take over the world (or company), one day. Lastly, our son Judah completes my life as I also homeschool him and spend most of our weekends on the baseball field! When I’m not at work or on the baseball field, I am also one of the youth leaders at our church, Cornerstone Church in Spring Hill, and enjoy pouring into the kid’s hearts!

My history with Cornerstone Church started back in 1997 when I was hired as a janitor. I loved it! My destiny then began to unfold. Soon after, God called me into teaching. I quickly fell in love with being a teacher to amazing children. During those years, I taught every age from 2 years to 7th grade. Although teaching was very rewarding, my next leap in life came in 2003, when I stepped into a role in Administration and was given the honor of running our school.

When Cornerstone Church moved to Spring Hill, Tennessee in 2006, my family jumped at the opportunity to begin a new legacy of passing the baton to the next generation and beginning another school.

Loving my job is what has sustained me for almost two decades! Many people ask me, “How do you do it?” Helping place God’s love in children’s hearts has been one of the most significant and rewarding things I have done. I always seem to answer, “How do you NOT?”

I love making connections with our families and instilling a peace and confidence within the parents that their child is well taken care of. Behind the scenes of the classroom, I also love encouraging and inspiring our staff to step into their destiny – the greatest job ever!

I want all of our families of The NET Preschool in Spring Hill to know that my office always has an open door. Come and sit on our couches and talk about life. Laugh, cry, or dream with us! Casting the NET and passing the baton is a group effort and a goal that we can accomplish together. I pray that you decide to become a part of our NET Preschool family in Spring Hill!